Interblockchain payment processing kit

Linking your e-commerce or ICO to more than 150 billion USD

Multi cryptocurrency payment system

The Interblockchain Payment Processing Kit

Merchant do not need only a simple QR Code displayed in their online store to receive cryptocurrencies payments. They also need accounting. The Interblockchain payment processing solution includes also a ledger and a transaction log to record all cryptocurrency transactions received. This ledger can connect with the ERP or the firm accounting system. The ledger treat each transaction as a kind of account receivable until the transaction is confirmed by the network. Merchant can then know, if they effectively received payments.

NextGen Framework
Payment Processing Kit

Transaction Module

The transaction module registers all cryptocurrencies payments in a local ledger and sales journal for accounting and payment confirmation follow-up for the following cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ether, Ether classic, Litecoin, Ether-ERC20,) all representing 70% of the total cryptocurrencies capitalization. Others are to come in a near future.

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Payment Processing Kit

Payment Event Module

It monitors multiple blockchains. Other modules are event handlers responding from events generated by this module.

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NextGen Framework
Payment Processing Kit

Key Management Module

The key management module provides single ledger network HD wallet public keys (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc.), programmable blockchains account keys (Ether, Ether classic, EOS, NEO, etc.) and stores private keys in an encrypted safe container.

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Cross Blockchains

Interblockchain crosses blockchains' boundaries. A single Application Programming Interface (API) is provided as a single point of entry to a myriad of blockchains.

Coin movement between blockchains

With the new capacity to move coins to faster blockchains while they keep their full value when redeemed back to their original blockchain.

Faster implementation

With the actual module and the new ones currently in production, it is even faster to adapt your current or your new e-commerce solutions in development.

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