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Demo: move tokens

In this demo you will be able to move tokens from Bitcoin and litecoin to Ethereum.
The other networks are a work in progress in our lab for testing.

To be able to use the demo, you will need to set your Ethereum wallet to the following contract addresses:

  • 0xfc2435dfac42da6249500f87030fd18e9203829a for iBTC
  • 0x72ffd1a27f706829d5972f94b3812989e5e42379 for iLTC

These addresses can also be used to verify the transactions.

WARNING:This application is currently in text and may sometimes have an eratic behavior. Be patient, we will fix the bugs.
In our labs we are working hard to add:

  • Bicoin cash
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • EOS