Smart Contract Generator

Generate Smart Contracts on a several blockchains

What is it?

As its name indicates, it is a tool used to generate smart contracts into different languages (Solidity, C#, C++) for different blockchains.

What does it do?

Smart conract are not solely restricted to Ethereum. More and more, new blockchains appear with improved performance, better programmation languages and in some cases more robust. To fulfill the promise of an inter blockchain capability, some basic smart contract need to be available on the targeted blockchains. Among these smart contracts, the ERC-20 and the 0x interfaces. With these interfaces implemented on the different blockchains, coin can be easily moved from blockchain to blockchains and they can also be exchanged to other coins.

How does it work?

At Interblockchain, we created different smart contract templates expressed in different languages for different blockchains. For example, the ERC20 smart contract used to perform account transactions needs some parameters to be set. Parameters such as, the coin symbol, description, decimals, etc. These parameters are simply entered into a form by a user and automatically inserted as parameters into different smart contract languages. Then the newly produced smart contract set with the user determined parameters is compiled and deployed on the blockchain.

Tired of vaporware? Try something real

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