Exchange Coins
Across Blockchains

Freely move coins across blockchains with their value intact

What is it?

A non custidian multi blockchain exchange using the 0x protocol ported in different smart contracts languages such as Solidity, C#, C++

What does it do?

Once in a while, coins gets lost in some kind of black hole within exchanges. This lead to some efforts made to develop non custidian exchanges where people can still post their offers and bids but perform settlement directly in their personal accounts. At the moment of writing these lines, this can be done only within the Ethereum platform for Ether and ERC-20 coins. But what would it be if this could be done, not only within a single blockchain but more across blockchains? Stay tune, here comes the answer...

How does it work?

Based on the concept of the 0x smart contracts library, we implemented an order book connected to publish and subscribe server sending the state of the orders in real real time. Base on this premiss, copin owners can exchange different coins on the market created by the order book. When a match between the an ask and a bid occurs, the transaction is recorded in the blockchain and the respective coins transferred into the accounts. Actually, this process is possible within the confines of Ethereum, with Interblockchain we open to new potentials by porting the 0x and the ERC20 smart contracts into different languages (C#, C++, Javascript) for different blockchains.