We unlock coins and tokens from their blockchain network silos

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We link storage of value blockchain networks to transaction networks riviling in speed and cost with Visa and Mastercard.

Interblockchain Thinktank

We already developed 3 products with limited resources. Imagine what we can do with more.
didier PH Martin

Didier PH Martin


36 years experience in management of software projects and companies. Prior roles include CTO in startups and public companies directors in a consortium and as CEO of startups. Didier wrote articles and books about technology. He is also a seasoned speaker in several conferences and a documentary filmmaker broadcasted in TV stations and theaters. .

Jean François Jobidon

Jean François Jobidon

Blockchain Lead

Blockchain / cryptocurrency developer with full-stack capability. Technical lead and software architect. Working across all layers of modern web applications, from database to server-side and client-side applications.

jean Luc Marcoux

jean Luc Marcoux

Marketing and Sales Lead

20 years experience in high technologies and digital marketing and sales. Managed one of the world’s largest gold and silver trading website. Seasoned growth lead with experience scaling user acquisition.