Unlock coins from their silos with interblockchain


The Interblockchain Network

With the interblockchain network, coins trapped in their blockchain network silos can be moved to multi-ledger blockchains such as Ethereum, Neo, EOS, Stellar, Lisk, Qtum, etc. They can be redeemed back to their original blockchain while still keeping their value. Thus, for example, a Bitcoin moved as a proxy Bitcoin on Ethereum can be traded locally with a full Bitcoin value for another ERC20 coin or an Ether on a 0x non-custodian-based relay, or any smart contract based Exchange. The pegged coin can also be spent for e-commerce on a fast blockchain network. The pegged Bitcoin owner can redeem it back into a Bitcoin.
What can be done on Ethereum can also be done on Stellar, EOS and any other programmable blockchain network we will support in the future.

What is it?


As easily as moving funds from your saving account to your transaction account, move your tokens to your accounts hosted in seven (7) blockchain networks.


Pay with the W3C web payment service included in billions of desktop and mobile devices. Or easily buy tokens.

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